About Ivana


Ivana lives in Sydney, Australia. She devotes most, if not all, of her spare time to writing the Paradise Series.

At various times, she has studied aviation, archaeology and ancient history at university.
She currently holds a private pilot licence and rides a motorbike. She has also been known to play the flute, dance ballet and fence (although not all at the same time). During her studies, it was rumoured that she lived in the university library.

Ivana is married and has two young children who reap the benefits of having a mother with a wild imagination. She has been writing since she was a child and the characters in the Paradise Series have been living in her head for around 15 years.


Rilla – Book one of the Paradise Series was successfully funded as a Kickstarter project. You can read all about it


Thanks to my Kickstarter backers! If it weren’t for your generosity, Rilla would never have been published. I really can’t thank you enough, so here’s a permanent reminder of the people who helped me:

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