About the Books

Rilla – Book One of the Paradise Series


Rilla grew up in a Paradise. A place where humans could live freely from the threat of magic and dangers of the Outworld. What most people in the Outworld weren’t aware of was that the Paradises were becoming just as dangerous to live in as their own world.
From the very beginning, Rilla knew she was different from everyone else. Abandoned by her mother and shunned by her father, the others in her Paradise soon began to treat her as though she was invisible, or worse still, a non-conformist.

But when an Outworlder arrives in Rilla’s Paradise just days before The Choosing, she suddenly becomes more visible than she’s ever been in her life. The balance of four lives rests with her and she is sworn to protect them. Can she possibly keep them all safe and alive when she discovers their secrets?

Join Rilla and her companions on a journey through an Outworld full of danger, magical mishaps and political disasters and see what each discovers about themselves along the way.

“Amazing new fantasy series. I’m hooked!”



Illaria – Book Two of the Paradise Series


In the 2nd instalment of the Paradise Series, the Paradisians have finally reached Illaria, but the ancient lintep stronghold is not the sanctuary it was made out to be. Rilla and Plyke may have found a new family, but they quickly discover that their human companions are less than welcome.

However, convincing the Illarian Council of Masters to allow Arishen and Tika to stay will be the least of the Paradisians’ problems, as Plyke struggles to control his newly discovered powers and Rilla endeavours to escape her heritage.

Eliséo no longer by her side, Rilla must learn to control her powers without the aid of Elessa. Should the connection to her Silvaren allies become known, more than Rilla’s life will be at risk. With her half sister already in the clutches of the rogue lintep, Lishe, Rilla must learn everything she can of her history and the prophecy surrounding her before Lishe hunts her down.

“An awesome start to a series, by a fantastic Australian author.”



Crystal Heart – Book Three of the Paradise Series


Kora has returned to Illaria and, with Rilla and Plyke’s powers continuing to grow, questions start to arise. Who is Plyke’s father? Is there really a way to destroy the Paradises and what will be the cost?

In Goraburg, political unrest reaches catastrophic heights as the rebels push for control. Back in Silvaren, Eliséo is forced to consider what his freedom is worth.

Meanwhile, time is running out for Lishe as she seeks to steal power from the Paradises before they can be destroyed. Can an unlikely ally turn the tide in her favour?


“A genuinely wonderful read!



Child of Paradise – Book Four of the Paradise Series

The children of Paradise have found their place in Illaria, but are paying a heavy price for their freedom.

Rilla’s increasingly unstable power puts her in constant danger. Arishen lives in fear of lintep violating his mind and rummaging through his most horrific visions. Plyke and Tika seem to be coping with their new lives, but the competing demands of family, rank and work are slowly but surely forcing them apart.

With Lishe growing ever stronger, and the prophecy in play, Rilla and her friends must gather their courage and face their greatest fear.

The time has come for them to go home.